Golden Wheel

    Tianjin Golden Wheel Bicycle Group Co. Ltd was founded in 1987, located in Jinbo Indusdry Park in Wuqing District, adjacent to Tianjin and Beijing downtown,which location strength has contributed to our fast growth. For 30 years, with changes and innovations, Golden Wheel Group has constantly introduced new techniques,technologies, and materials to reach international technology standard and become one of the biggest bicycle export foreign exchange earning bases in North China.
    Golden Wheel Group has developed into 3 parent companies, i.e. Huaxia, Xinde and Weide, and 32 branch companies, including 46 production lines and 5000 employee. It holds 600 million Yuan fixed asset and has achieved around 2 billion Yuan turnover in 2016. Meanwhile Golden Wheel Group has founded more than 30 entities consisting of mold manufacture, cooler air-conditioner, furniture, finance, restaurants and real estate. Golden Wheel Group has gradually become a diversified group company.
    Golden Wheel Group is a rare bicycle company, who can manufacture bicycles with our own materials from the beginning, from tubes manufacture of alloy and steel tubes, frames production of alloy, steel and carbon fiber frames, and premium painting to complete bikes assembly. Also we have developed and manufactured all kinds of our own premium parts, which has ensured consistency of quality and materials for frames and forks to increase complete bikes safety factor.
    Annual production of 13,000 tons cylindrical aluminum bars and more than 10,000 tons alloy tubes have ensured frames and forks production. All equipment have been imported from Taiwan, and large T4/T6 thermal treatment furnaces have guaranteed products rigidity, which a plays leading role in China.
    For compete bikes assembly, Golden Wheel Group has imported from Holland automatic weaving lock, automatic positioning holes distances machines, automatically transferring spoke nipples machines and wheel automatically adjusting machines which can control wheels run out, roundness and stretching force by computer programs. All of these imported automatic machines have reduced employee labor intensity, increased products precision and production efficiency.
    Czech Republic assembly factory:As the first e-bike assembly factory in Europe fully invested by China company in China bicycle industry, our Czech Republic assembly factory has absorbed European advanced manufacture technologies and management, whose products have been sold around European countries and built and promoted our own brand TOTEM. Czech Republic assembly factory at first plans to manufacture 50,000 pcs e-bikes per year and later on 150,000 pcs high end e-bikes per year.
    Golden Wheel Group all-in-one production process had made us in leading position in China bicycle industry. Meanwhile we have built globally famous China brands. All products have passed EU ISO4210, U.S.A CPSC and Japan JIS standard and been sold to all over the world.
    Golden Wheel Group has a very professional R&D team, combining production, study and research to provide proof for technology development and conceiving new products designs, through cooperation with many universities and institutes such as University of North Carolina, Tianjin Science Institute, and Beijing Jiaotong University.
    As one of China Bicycle Industry ISO standard committee members, all subsidiaries in Golden Wheel Group has been strict on quality control, and devoted to improve products quality. We have established quality test center, and introduced advanced quality test machines to make regular checks on all kinds of tubes and parts for rigidity, precision, weight bearing vibration, anti-fatigue and anti-corrosion tests, so as to ensure final products to reach performance standard.
    Golden Wheel Group has always held on management concept of quality first and honesty utmost. Export sales and technology teams will regularly contact with customers and follow customers’ different demands immediately.
    Aftersales service department in Czech Republic can contact with customers face to face to provide aftersales service in time for customers.
    Golden Wheel Group products have been exported to hundreds of countries and areas such as Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. We have long cooperation with many customers, build thorough aftersales service system and get praise from international market.